Saturday, February 13, 2010

protect your biggest investment

Termite Clues - To find out if you have termites infesting your home, check and observe for clues that termites may leave behind. Moist soil, moist wooden areas and moist wood based debris near your home may encourage termites to thrive and find their way to your home.
You would know if some of them are already around if you see termite swarmers around your home and discarded wings on sills. Mud tunnels on the areas of your house touching the ground and hollow wood pieces may also be signs that you have the beginnings of a Sonoma termite problem.
Pre-Construction Protection
Some smart homeowners usually prevent termite infestation even before or while their home is being constructed. Make sure that the soil is treated with tremiticide before the foundations are even built. You can also initiate Sonoma termite control by having your wood pre treated before using it on parts of your house. The problem however is that a lot of home buyers prefer to have pre constructed homes rather than build from scratch. If this is the case, there is no guarantee of pre treatment. You may have to employ a Sonoma termite pest control company for post treatment or prevention.
Sonoma Termite Companies
You might think of performing your own Sonoma termite control methods. Your lack of skill and knowledge however may not ensure the complete extermination of an underground termite colony. Hiring Sonoma termite experts are always a better option. Before termites can be killed, experts would have to carefully assess the condition of your home and the extent of termite infestation. The results of their evaluation will help determine the exact method needed for your termite problem. Expert pest control agencies will also know how to effectively and safely apply treatment options without damage to people or property.
Choosing a Good Company